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As a business owner, you face an incredible amount of financial decisions; taxes, retirement income and estate planning, employee retirement benefits, key person retention and the eventual succession of your business. While the amount of these decisions can be debilitating, ignoring them can be financially detrimental. 

MACLEAN & Co. Financial Planning has partnered with Securian Financial and Minnesota Life to offer their Business Owner Life-stage Design (BOLD). The BOLD processes is designed to create customized strategies to address key financial decisions faced by you and your business.

BOLD will help you develop strategies to meet the following personal and business needs:

  • retirement income
  • estate planning
  • employee retirement planning
  • executive compensation
  • key person protection
  • business succession

Contact MACLEAN & Co. Financial Planning to learn how  BOLD can help you and your business.


"What happens when the heirs of the business have different needs, talents, goals and levels of involvement in the family’s business? These differences and communication barriers can create major obstacles toward a smooth transition in leadership, which could lead to the ultimate destruction of the company."

Family Business Succession Planning Is Never Easy

by Ivan Hernandez, Wealth Management

June 27, 2018

BOLD Client Brochure